Case Studies

A Story of Family Conflict

A Case Study Demonstrating Child Empowerment

S (name given to protect confidentiality of the child) is 10 years old. He lives in Kampong Cham province. He is the youngest son in the family. The following is a translation of his problem: “my parents work at a bank. Whenever my father returns home, my mother enters into argument with my father. My mother disputes with my father because my he drinks alcohol and has mistress. I believe that my father really has mistress because he changes his behaviors. He loves his mistress more than his wife and children. I am also beaten when I intervene in the dispute. I feel worried and embarrassed. I dare not go to school. I am frightened and afraid when my parents beat each other. I feel happy when my parents get along well with each other. I’d really like my parents to get along well with each other.” The Child Helpline Cambodia phone counselor offered emotional and mental support, and reflective discussion about S’s feelings and  thoughts regarding his parents and the negative impact of violence. The counselor assisted S to explore possible people that he could talk to help his parents to resolve their disputes. S said that “I ask my grandmother (mother of my father) to be a mediator for my parents. It seems that there is less dispute after my grandmother talked to my father and prevent my parents from having dispute. At the same time, I try to build confidence in telling my parents about my feeling when I see them in dispute”.

A Girl in Need of a Home

A Case Study Demonstrating the Referral Process

T (name given to protect confidentiality of the child) is 14 years old. She was living with a foster family in Phnom Penh and was ousted by them. She met with a teacher when she wandered on the street. The teacher was worried about her safety and allowed her to stay at his house overnight with his wife and daughter. The teacher called Child Helpline Cambodia to ask for help finding accommodation for T. The phone counselor was able to talk with T via the teacher’s phone. T could not identify the problem or reason that her foster parents dispelled her from their home. T was upset and needed accommodation with an NGO. After the discussion with the teacher and T, the phone counselor contacted ChildSafe Network and Pour Un Sourire d’Enfant for intervention. Both partners contacted police and referred T to reside in the Mith Samlanh shelter. T is now safe and living in a shelter and Child Helpline Cambodia continues to be available for emotional support.